Speaking at #sqlsat145 and #sqlsat167

Continuing my torrid pace of speaking at SQL Saturdays once in a while, I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected to speak at #167 in Columbus, GA (which I also have a small part in organizing) and at Nashville #145 in October. I’m particularly excited because I’m delivering one of my favorite talks: T-SQL Beyond the Basics. This presentation digs into what happens after you submit a query for execution. Many SQL developers spend an awful lot of time writing queries, but never understand the beautiful marvel of computer science that goes on just on the other side of their SSMS window or application. So I get to spend an hour talking about SQL Server architecture and execution plans. It’s one of those types of presentations where the ‘Ah ha!’ moments I love abound.

One of my own ‘Ah ha!’ moments is another reason why I enjoy this presentation so much. At my first PASS Summit I went to Maciej Pilecki’s (T) session on execution plans (plan caching specifically) and during that 90 minutes all sorts of bits of learning that I had been gathering over the years fell into place. Digging into the internals of SQL Server query executions suddenly made connections that were big revelations to me and my excitement level about my profession was through the roof.

I’m extraordinarily fortunate to do what I do. And I’m looking forward to sharing some of the excitement I have about the amazing world of data and the tools we use with the sql family.


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