Speaking at SQL Saturday #111

I’m completely thrilled to be invited back to Atlanta on April 14th to speak at SQL Saturday #111. I’ll be throwing caution to the proverbial wind and tackling a rather difficult subject…concurrency in PowerShell. Concurrency is a fascinating and complicated subject that both solves and creates all kinds of interesting Computer Science problems. There’s no way I’ll be able to talk about everything in 60 minutes, but there should be plenty of time to make everyone in the room awfully dangerous with multiple processors.

I chose the word “concurrency” carefully. Many people think that running processes at the same time (asynchronously) is multi-threading. To me, however, true multi-threading requires shared memory space and not all of PowerShell’s asynchronous capabilities use that model. In fact, you have to dig in to the PowerShell .NET assemblies to start understanding how to actually do true multi-threading. It isn’t the most intuitive, but it’s incredibly powerful when you wrap your hands around it.

I’m enjoying the topic so much, in fact, that I’m going to start my first series on this blog. Starting the Monday after SQL Saturday, I’ll be posting an in-depth look at the various methods of asynchronous processing in PowerShell. There is a small amount of information scattered around on various blog posts and forums out there, but I don’t know of anywhere that has a consolidated, more-or-less exhaustive look at the subject, so I think I’ll be bringing something good to the awesome PoSH community.

If you read this blog and come to SQL Saturday, make sure to say ‘hello!’ And make sure to follow the #sqlsat111 hash tag on Twitter.


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