#sqlsat89: No Excuses. Be Involved.

When I first submitted my sessions to SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta, I had no idea that so many fantastic speakers would be there.  If I had known, I probably would not have gotten involved.  You shouldn’t be like me.

From my point of view, it was an injustice to the attendees for me to take a speaking slot from any one of the amazing experts in attendance.  Would those who attended my session have learned more about PowerShell from Nic Cain (T | B), Jim Christopher (T | B) or Aaron Nelson (T | B)?  Yep.  Is there someone who was overlooked who would have had a better session than mine?  Certainly.  It would have been a stronger event if someone else had taken my place, but it may not have been a stronger community.

What I understand now is that there isn’t much to a community where only the top experts contribute.  We need them.  I need them.  But, a community is composed of people who are involved.  I have some knowledge of and a lot of passion for PowerShell and SQL Server and I wanted to give as much of that as I could to the people who were in my session.  And that’s what PASS is all about: giving whatever you can, even if others can give more.

Speaking at #sqlsat89 is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my career.  My session went very well and some new opportunities opened for me. I learned about parallelism from Adam Machanic (T | B) and about waits and latches from Bob Ward (T | B) .  Most importantly, I met many fantastic people I hope to see many more times at future events.  I will speak again and I will continue getting better. I will learn more and contribute more.  And one day I will be one of the experts getting bumped for a first time speaker.  I hope that will be someone who reads this and decides to become part of this fantastic SQL Server community.


5 Responses to #sqlsat89: No Excuses. Be Involved.

  1. Audrey Hammonds says:


    Let me be the first to tell you that we’re thrilled that you decided to come speak at SQL Saturday #89! And you’re right – for me there are two major goals of SQL Saturday: 1) Expose attendees to as much quality content as possible, and 2) Give people an opportunity to get up and speak about a topic they love. Looks to me like you embodied both of those goals this weekend. How awesome is that?

    –Audrey Hammonds (Datachix2)

    • jboulineau says:

      Thanks, Audrey! You and the rest of the organizers did an amazing job with the event. And April 14th will be even better!

  2. Tim Radney says:

    Heard nothing but good things about your session. Great job Jon.

  3. beefarino says:

    You, sir, have it *almost* right.

    The event would not have been stronger if an “expert” (your words, not mine) were speaking in your place. Expertise is NOT what the community needs from PowerShell speakers at the moment. Expertise is not something that can be be given to an audience in 60-90 minutes of slides and demos. Passion, joy, removal of fear, a shadow of an idea suggesting a better alternative to their daily toolset – these are the things you hope to impart as a speaker, and whether they know it or not, these are the things from which an audience will benefit most. And from what I heard, you nailed it.

    It was great to meet you finally, and thank you very much for helping to spread the PowerShell love. I expect to see you at more of these things….

    • jboulineau says:

      Jim I think your comment just goes to show how wrong I was to be intimidated. I hope others out there can take the lesson I learned and not make the same mistake.

      You also inspired me to change the title of the post.

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